What are your hopes? Aspirations? Share them here!

  • From Madel Alingod:
    Fashion a dream & make it come true..

  • From Charita Coronado:
    “Through good times and bad times, through thick and thin, ups and downs…it is following the impossible dream until it comes true.” good morning!

  • From Ted Mercado:
    Just follow your dream… in spite of failures learn from it and move on.

  • From Mariko Ysabella Rondina-Aguirre:
    My dream is going to the whole world like Japan and Paris to capture the beauty of art.

  • From Vincent Manalo:
    After those toughest and hardest time of my life and those people who really put down on my way…. it’s me and it’s here going straightforward to my journey….

  • From Tims Ibarra Basallote:
    like Martin Luther king.. ‘i have a dream’… i dream to be someone whos popular in town..i dream to give happiness to see people happy like a clown not to frown..i dream to be a millionaire to feed and help the people who seek for help, justice and love..once i had a dream.. 🙂

  • From Reyes Gwen:
    I must have my own townhouse restaurant and a beauty salon

  • From Vincent Manalo:
    I spend a lot of time to all the person that I love…having a owned company….a big house to accommodate of all my love one’s…

  • From Johana S. Aganinta:
    “My greatest dream is to live in a planet made out of my favorite food.”

  • From Lacaroon Lingao-Lingao Ria:
    I dream no more migrants. all back to their families and have a good meal back home. 🙂

  • From Glenda Sande:
    I dreamed to become somebody, becoming known having a good reputation. A perfect woman as our God s pecfect, a strong woman to overcome problems, a leader to lead and teach the children the Christ like attitude

  • From Carrie Barrientos Lopez:
    To own your dream, there should be one line that would keep on playing in your head “walang makakapigil sa akin” and the universe conspires…

  • From Yzah Mendoza De Lunas:
    Have a great sunday.. Thank you for another day…. Pause if you get tired, but never stop! No athlete reached the finish line without running; no executive reached the top without working hard. Keep on moving to reach your dreams.

  • From Aiza Bernardo Quiaz:
    It does not matter how slowly you go As long as you do not stop

  • From Vankarl Descargar Bansag:
    Pause if you get tired, but never stop! Keep on moving to reach your dreams. 😊

  • From Rachel Chavez Pedro:
    choose to encourage rather than to criticize, choose to build rather than to destroy and choose to dream big rather than think small…

  • From John Ross Coronel:
    Again, the first thing we need to do is START. Start, no matter how challenging it can be, because that’s what makes the experience worthwhile and worth living.

  • From Rachell Janine Leyva:
    My greatest dream is to be able to study for as long I still can

  • From Anton Mari H. Lim:
    Owning a dream takes commitment and sacrifice but like anything all it takes is making that first step!!!

  • From Fides Christina S. Aganinta:
    My greatest dream is… to go to Disneyland.

  • From Jumar Mendoza:
    to become a rockstar! yeah! \m/

  • Fromライオン ディアン:
    To give orphaned and less-fortunate kids a home and a hope for a better life. 😀

  • From Joyce Amonoy:
    My greatest dream is to sing for the glory of God all my life & become His good & faithful servant. ♡

  • From Mj Dulfo Celada:
    My greatest dream is to have a big house for my family…

  • From Filinvestor Ann:
    Hard work and determination to achieve one’s dream 

  • From Malz Paloma Maravilla:

  • From Joan Calzado:
    A dream inspires us to go beyond our limits & drives us to build a better life!
    Photo by sir Namster Daguman
    Hmua: tata Jeffty Canoy Bulanon

  • From @djtjc:
    Success aint easy. Makin my dreams come true no matter what!
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  • From @brockk118:
    Happy shes running again! Now exhaust and tune!
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  • From @palongpalo:
    A dream inspires us to go beyond our limits & drives us to build a better life!

  • From @iampawbee22:
    Even though it seems like it’s too far away, I have to believe in myself. It’s the only way.”
    | This Is Me | Demi Lovato
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  • From @simplenzz:
    ♫ I know you could reach the top! Make sure that you won’t stop! ♫
    – Be What You Wanna Be by Darin Zanyar

  • From @pepalerts:
    “You are never too old to reach for your dreams,” says actor-businessman Richard Yap, 48, when asked for advice to people, who think they’re too old to dream. Richard is a successful showbiz actor and a businessman and is launched today as the new ambassador of Filinvest Land, Inc.

  • From @mailacondes:
    Sometimes you have to do something you’ve never done, in order to get something you’ve never had.
    #iownmydream #meetandgreet

  • From @mirandazwieg9499:
    I am waking up feeling so blessed and happy today! Yesterday was a super awesome day and I believe today will be just as great! My business is growing! My team is on fire! I’m home, in my pjs with my baby and he’s happy and healthy. ❤️the key to receiving blessings in this life is GRATITUDE! Be grateful. Every day. Change the way you think. Make your mind shift to gratitude and all the good you’re pouring out into the universe will come back to you.❤️ be happy. Smile lots. Be excited for all of the blessings that you’re going to receive. Happy Wednesday!
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  • From @mae_072:
    #Repost @iownmydream
    Nothing should stop you from
    reaching your dream!
    #iOwnmyDream #underwater

  • From @iamjohan1010:
    Dear G, Thank you for your advance bday gift. For the past 3 years, You never failed to give this kind of blessing in the eve of natal day. Sumainyo po ang lahat ng papuri! 🙂
    #blessed #closedeal #close #account #FuturaHomes #iownmydream #JohanFilinvest #fulltimeagent #fulltimemom

  • From @ohmykellybelly:
    with Mr. Richard Yap earlier today
    ☺ Thank you Ms. Bernadette Ramos!

  • From @HWHNInc:
    Because I am a Queen…I will no longer be a prisoner to my dream but a warden to my destiny!
    #HappyThursday #Iownmydream #live…

  • From @Sal_B_swe:
    That moment you open your eyes and your living the dream you always wished came true
    #IOwnMyDream #SwaveIsOurs

  • From @runawayangels:
    My greatest dream is to have a better life with my family. To have our own house, car and set my career goals.

  • From @JavaStarMiah:
    0_o “I wont let anyone to stand in my way!” – inspired by Tyra @tyrabanks

  • From @teenapies:
    I once failed because of my wrong decision. But life must go on. And here I am still chasing that dream.

  • From @Krysteldanejoy:
    Licensure Examination!!! Yeah! Yes I can!

  • From @bToMELLO1:
    “I own my dream” simple words but makes you realize things about yourself. Yeah! I OWN my dreams

  • From @Miaohhh:
    I wanna be a stay home artist.

  • From @Mealanaezel143:
    We believe we breathe air, even if we don’t see it. Same with dreams! Something good will come soon!

  • From @dentalfirstph:
    @IOwnMyDream…so i work out and look forward to the day that the dream and the dreamer become one 🙂

  • From @msmaruofficial:
    “@IOwnMyDream: Success comes to those who work hard! You can do it! #iOwnmyDream ”

  • From @runawayangels:
    My greatest dream is to have a better life with my family. To have our own house, car and set my career goals.

  • From @justinemaebalta:
    “I may not know it, but these are the moments that I’m gonna remember most…
    Just keep pushing on!” – The Climb by Miley Cyrus

  • From @aniruth406:
    @IOwnMyDream Live and let live..

  • From @micahteveslopez:
    I woke up this morning to make a better version of me

  • From @brokencherie:
    “Even though it seems like it’s too far away, I have to believe in myself. It’s the only way.”

  • From @albertparan888: “Your life is your message to the world. Make sure its inspiring.”
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    #AnsweredPrayer #GodsGift
    #goodmodel #sourceofinspiration

  • From @deannearnicx:
    Wanna be a professional model someday

  • From @Amy_Adrales:
    @iownmydream live life to the

  • From @mierimando:
    They may take all my things away from me, but they can never take away the dreams I have in me.

  • From @micahteveslopez:
    @IOwnMyDream dream big! The sky is the limit

  • From @DianaMaeJane:
    @IOwnMyDream thanks for inspiring me I already released my 1st album private not Public but for my own 😀 thanks a lot

  • From @drgmeirwinbeibs:
    Someday, I’ll reach my goal and share it to others.

  • From @joji_valerio8:
    @IOwnMyDream Travel the world