Nothing’s better than Having Someone Share the Same Dream with You

Would you agree if we told you that changing course in the middle of a goal or dream can actually produce a surprising and favorable outcome? In fact, Samuel and Fe’s lives show a living proof.

Samuel and Fe, a married couple, were out strolling around Rizal area on one ordinary day when they spotted an open house activity for properties in Angono. They weren’t actively looking for a house since they were already living in an accessible location within the metro, but Fe felt the urge to buy a new one!

Like a child giddy for candies and chocolates, she convinced Samuel to get a property in Angono, Rizal. At first, he didn’t want to, considering their current home at that moment was already situated perfectly in the city. However, Fe’s convincing powers pushed Samuel to finally agree.

Transferring from the concrete jungle to a more laid-back environment was indeed a bold step of faith for the couple and their kids!

Seven years after, Fe quit her corporate duties from a reputable company that paid well, while Samuel stopped earning foreign currency from abroad when he resigned as an electrical engineer. They started a café alongside their tutorial business.

Turning away from the hustle and bustle of being in the city, the couple did not lose a seemingly picture-perfect life at all!

Although they had a peaceful life in Pasig, Samuel and Fe dreamed for a bigger, yet simple house in a better community with good security. Choosing a home at Villa Montserrat in Havila not only enabled them to build their dream house; they designed and decided for the interiors.

Their house in Villa Montserrat has a high ceiling, the family area is loft type, and an entertainment area is specified especially for unwinding and relaxation. More than that, Fe and Samuel were overly satisfied with its nature-inspired surroundings, its convenient location near establishments such as school, church, and mall, and its high security. In fact, the couple can entrust the guards at the guardhouse to not let their children out during certain instances! As Fe would put it, “[The] house is perfect for the family. I don’t want to get out of the community – less hassle, no traffic.”

Now having fulfilled their dream house in Villa Montserrat, Samuel and Fe could proudly say they lived it, worked for it, and now finally owned their dream! At the moment, their dreams are for the kids to finish their studies and for them to stay at home and grow old together. Samuel and Fe’s home right now at Villa Montserrat is already perfect as a retirement house. They couldn’t ask for more!

Today, Samuel and Fe are entrepreneurs who manage a flourishing business. Adding to that, Samuel is also a part-time teacher and consultant.

Fe concluded, “Lahat naman tayo we dream, libre lang mangarap, but you work for it.”

A Good Kind of Drugs for My Dream

How in the world would a 9-hour long waiting time inspire your dreams?

Well, as for me, I waited for 9 hours in line just to get my favorite international author’s 9-second autograph on 9 books.

I’m not joking. I’m not crazy. I don’t have a crush on that author. Most of all, I hate long lines. Make me wait for 10 minutes and I will lose my patience. Maybe it’s the government to blame – long MRT lines, long ID lines, just long lines everywhere! Maybe it’s the organizers to blame for allowing fixers to enlist before the program started at 10am. Maybe it’s the security guards to blame for not being strict enough in blocking fangirling fans. But no, in the end, it was all me. I could have gone home instead, but I decided to brave 9 hours of waiting time.

A Good Kind of Drugs for My Dream


Books changed my life. I remember laughing at my cousin for reading a 2-inch thick vampire-themed book some time in 2007. I mockingly said, “Bakit ako magbabasa ng 2 months kung kaya kong panoorin ng 2 hours!” Lo and behold, I ate my own words after 2 years. It started when the movie sequel to the first book ended with “Bella, Marry me.” I couldn’t wait for another 2 years to get the answer! Would she say, “yes”? Being the impatient person that I am, I purchased the last 2 books and began my journey. I told myself and my friends that I’d stop once I finished the saga, but I never did anymore. Books are like drugs – a good kind of drugs.

This kind of drug gave me a clear direction of how I see myself years from now. I dream to see people uploading photos of my books on Instagram, writing book reviews, and recommending it to their friends. I dream that one day, what I’m doing now will be done for me in the future.

That night changed me. Today, my dream to become a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author burns brighter than the sun and soars higher than the eagle.

I am taking steps towards the dream. I read more books to widen my imagination and learn different styles. I write short stories, poems, and articles published on my own blog. I listen to podcasts and attend seminars. Little by little, I will reach my dream.

9 years from now, I will see teens and young adults braving 9 hours of waiting time just to get my 9-second autograph on their books… just like what I did for my favorite #1 New York Times Bestselling Author.

My Dream Freedom

My Dream Freedom - Inah B

Freedom. One 7-letter word that took three 7 years before I could finally own it. Or so I thought. For some, it’s given to them on a silver platter, but for me, it only existed in my dreams. Expect that when you’re the youngest and the only girl in a family of 4 governed by overprotective parents! Admittedly, I became a better person because of them, but the downside? I grew scrawny and wimpy, and the word “risk” is my arch nemesis.

One of my greatest passions is music, specifically OPM and K-Pop. I dream to perform: own the stage; admire the cheering crowd; sing my heart out to inspire. Although many people would say, “You’re the best singer I’ve ever known,” I never once acknowledged it. I thought my strict parents were to blame for all the missed out opportunities that instantly came my way. However, I realized I can only blame myself.

After college graduation, I supposed working overseas could give me my long desired freedom, but it never happened. At least, not yet. Things I wanted to do the most are only at the corner of my mind, waiting to be grabbed, to be unleashed.

My Dream Freedom

One day, my friends informed me about open auditions for aspiring artists in Korea. I said to myself, “This is it. I won’t let this pass this time.” My heart beat so fast out of excitement! I shared my plans with my parents, and surprisingly, they supported me! Now, I am reaping the fruits of my obedience. They trust me; they believe in me. The only person who held back my dream of freedom was myself!

My flight is this coming November 2015, and I’ve never been this hyped up and excited! This new giddy feeling is unleashing the best of me. No more scrawny kid! This is the new me – confident and adventurous.

See you soon, Korea!